View for presenting question

I would be great to have a “special” view (maybe called “Presentation view” for presenting the currently “open question”/“question to be answered”. This could be similar to the “Publikumsansicht” but just without the Feedback-Kanal.
Or if the feedback channel is included, I would remove the “Geschwindigkeit” / “Schwierigkeit” Sliders as well as the area for entering feedback (Frage eingeben). This would be helpful to discuss specific questions/answer with the students.

Hi @HPEclic,

The main idea regarding presenting would be to use the evaluation view and present this. However, with your questions, I can see where that might be problematic (e.g., with long strings in answer options).

As an alternative, something like the following would be trivial:

If you need to be able to show the solutions and/or feedbacks on that same screen, that would be a bit more work and we will need to reevaluate that after the semester start. I will, however, publish a simple page like the one on the image with an update today.


Also, the new view will open in a new browser tab when you click on the question title in a running session (e.g., “Multi-Faktor-Modell”):


…thank you - that’s great.
The new browser tab is the best solution, since this easily allows to move this tab to the screen, which is visible via the beamer.

@HPEclic this is now online in a basic version, among other improvements :partying_face: