View evaluation link anonymously

for each question, you give a Evaluations-Links für die Einbettung in PowerPoint, but to view this link, one has to be authenicated, which is unfortunate. Could you please provide a link to view the evaluation page anonymously, that way one could simply use PowerPoints Web Viewer Add-In. The problem with the present evaluation link is that one needs to log in, and when I try to press the button to login with the EduID, nothing happens.

Dear @pern,

thank you very much for your feedback. Only being able to access the evaluation when the user is authenticated is indeed not very practical to use it as an embedded view in PowerPoint.
While this was already available in KlickerUZH v2.0, it is currently missing in v3.0. However, we plan to implement it very soon, and you can access the current state of this feature at any time on our roadmap. As soon as the feature is available and released, I will also update this answer again.

We are sorry for any inconveniences this might have caused.


Dear @pern,

This issue has been resolved with today’s release and the embedding links now contain a measure of authentication so that using them you can access the evaluation screens without logging in. This should allow you to use Web View appropriately.

Thanks and have a nice Sunday.

Best regards,
Roland Schläfli