V1.8.0 (May 2022)

With this release, KlickerUZH extends its capabilities in areas that were often requested by our users (e.g. LaTeX support for questions), offers an entirely new user community and prepares itself for upcoming developments. As part of our P-8 project on Digital Skills, we will soon start working on gamification, for which important foundations are laid. More information on the project progress can be found on our roadmap.

Release v1.8 contains the following significant changes:

  • The editor of KlickerUZH has been replaced and completely reimagined. It now supports LaTeX formulas in questions and SC/MC answer choices natively alongside many new formatting styles (bold, italic, code, lists, quotes, etc.). Moreover, this editor now also provides the flexibility for further functionality extensions.
  • A new user community allows users to interact with each other, discuss about new features and ask questions that might come up while using KlickerUZH.
  • Our landing page has been redesigned from scratch and integrated into a single website with our documentation. This allows users to find most information they need in a single place.
  • Newly created accounts at KlickerUZH are now populated with demo data that illustrates the capabilities of the tool. At the same time, it should help new users to get a better impression of how KlickerUZH can be used intuitively.
  • The evaluation screen has been rebuilt and its layout modernized. Long questions or answer choices as well as formulas are now displayed in a more efficient manner.
  • Various other changes in the background of KlickerUZH improve the use of our resources, making the tool faster, more reliable and prepare it for further extensions.

What do you think about these changes to KlickerUZH? Share your opinion and leave us a comment below this post. We are also happy to take other suggestions from your side through a feature requests.