V1.7.0 (December 2021)

This release of the KlickerUZH further extends our new audience interaction capabilities in line with our P-8 project on Digital Skills. As part of the project, we are currently working on use case descriptions for audience interaction and consolidating the results of several surveys. These outcomes will soon be published in a separate project update. More information on the project in general can be found on klicker.uzh.ch/development.

Release v1.7 includes the following significant changes:

  • Reimagined confusion barometer that allows students to provide live feedback on comprehension to the lecturer. Lecturers can react to the feedback in real-time, or evaluate the timeline of incoming votes after their session concludes.
  • Improvements to the Q&A channel based on feedback collected from lecturers and students (e.g., filtering on the evaluation screen of concluded sessions to allow exporting only resolved questions)
  • Browser notifications in relevant places (i.e., for a new incoming feedback on the session cockpit, or for a newly activated question on the student view)
  • Initial work on improving the responsiveness and usability throughout the application (e.g., with an improved mobile view of the session cockpit). This work will continue with key interactions like the question pool and session creation, which is still a weak spot regarding usability.
  • Redesigned documentation and various improvements to the technical foundation (e.g., by incorporating feature flags, we can now release features only for selected beta testers).