V1.0.0 (August 2018)

In 2017 and 2018, KlickerUZH was built on a completely new infrastructure in order to able to work in a forward-looking and dynamic way. In terms of functionalities, users can expect the following enhancements:

  • In addition to Single-Choice and Free-Text questions, Multiple-Choice questions are also available.
  • You can show the solution for Single-Choice and Multiple-Choice questions.
  • You can embed images within questions.
  • You can visualize the audience results not only by bar or pie chart but also by stacked charts, word cloud, aggregated tables and histograms.
  • The question management was improved by providing a question pool.
  • You can use questions blocks and prepare the use of KlickerUZH better through the introduction of a session management.
  • You can receive simple Instant Audience Feedback through Confusion Barometer and Feedback Channel in a very easy way.
  • KlickerUZH is available in German and English and can easily be extended to other languages.
  • The source code is open-source. This way you may run KlickerUZH at your own institutions and may contribute to the enhancement of KlickerUZH.