Use Case: Live Q&A in Large Classrooms

Imagine the following use case:

You are a lecturer teaching a large class and mostly do frontal teaching without personal interaction possibilities (e.g., group discussions). To enable students to interact with you in a more approachable way even if they participate online, you start a session in the KlickerUZH and enable the anonymous Q&A channel. Throughout the lecture, students open the Q&A channel on their own device and post new questions or add their vote to existing ones.

You might respond to the questions immediately during the lecture or after skimming them during a break, or you might have a teaching assistant that supports you during the lecture and immediately responds to any incoming questions that are straightforward to respond to.

Any questions that are especially important or hard to respond to in writing are pinned to the lecturer cockpit, where you can review them during the lecture and respond orally. After the conclusion of the lecture, you export the questions and answers from the Q&A channel and post them to the LMS, allowing students to review your responses even after the lecture concluded.

For more details on the use case, see Live Q&A in Large Classrooms | KlickerUZH.

Do you have any experience with such a use case in your teaching? Have you been using the KlickerUZH or other tools in this specific situation? Are there any requirements that have not yet been met by existing tools?

Hi Roli. We’ve also discussed this topic here: Teaching Tools! We’ve also posted some specific methods and helpful ideas. Greetings, david.

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