Use Case: Learning portfolio management by managing a portfolio?

With the Portfolio Management Simulation, this experience is possible for various levels of students and executive education members. Portfolio management is the compilation and management of a portfolio consisting of securities such as bonds or shares. The goal is to meet customer needs and achieve a positive return on investments. While participating at the simulation, players can apply their knowledge in finance and macroeconomics in a portfolio management setting. Further, they learn to construct a portfolio that fits to the strategic and tactical asset allocation of their clients.

There are various key topics to consider when implementing a game in class:

  • Foundational Knowledge: Before the Portfolio Management Simulation can be used, it is important to make sure that the students are already equipped with a basic understanding of the relevant academic concepts.
  • Course Design: When applying the Portfolio Management Simulation, we recommend two to three game periods as an introduction to the topic and to get to know the portfolio management process. An extended play of four to six periods is recommended when the goal is to provide an in-depth analysis and learning experience.
  • Assessment Design: Using a simulation like the Portfolio Management Simulation in class allows aiming at higher levels within the learning objective taxonomy. Very importantly, assessment design should be aligned with the targeted learning objectives and should keep the students engaged and motivated throughout the course.
  • Evaluation: A suitable evaluation of the course and learning game helps regarding improvement of overall experience for students, as well as the didactical value of the course. Possible evaluation questions might target topics like whether the students feel well-prepared in terms of content and what students’ key takeaways after playing the learning game are.

An in-depth write-up on our use case for the Portfolio Management Simulation in class at university level can be found on our Game-Based Learning project website.

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