Update of question in sessions

When I change a question, it seems that in existing sessions, the question is not updated, but still the old question is shown. After deleting the questions and “re-adding” it to the session, it works.

Thanks for the report @HPEclic. You are probably referring to a known “problem” (or concious design decision on our part) → Questions - Update changed questions in planned session and activities | KlickerUZH.

To quote the reasoning for the issue from Feedbear: “The goal was that questions will not be edited in evaluations that are currently running or have been completed. We are investigating whether you could trigger that kind of overwriting manually when editing a question (e.g., “Yes, update the question version in all sessions that have not yet started”).”.

You should be able to delete or edit questions without having to delete or break sessions or other elements where that question had been previously used. However, there could be approaches to have elements adapt to new question versions (e.g., with manual triggering of a “refresh”). This will require a bit more time, but I imagine we will find a better solution until our final release, as it has been the cause of confusion for many users.

And of course, if you have any specific ideas, please let us know!

…ah - I did see this report - that’s exactly my “issue”.

I would be o.k. with a button that forces to update the questions in all sessions, if this is the preferred solution from your side.

However, in terms of a “clean solution” in terms of versioning, I would generally recommend to the versioning on the question and not the session level. If there is a new version of a question, then e.g. “question xxx - v2” could be used to cleary indicate, that there should be a new version of the question. This new version would be obtained by copying and renaming an existing question - or by a dedicated button “make new version of question” ( like making a new branch in Git or SVN-systems)…

If an exisiting question is edited then it should be updated automatically in all session. A good reason for such an approach would be for example if an error is corrected in a question. In such a case the automatic update would be the easiest/cleanest solution in my opinion.

Dear @HPEclic,

we are happy to share that the possibility to modify a question in already created KlickerUZH elements is available as of today with the most current release.

Activating the corresponding checkbox when editing a question (see screenshot) will update the question contents in all “planned” live quizzes and drafted practice quizzes and microlearnings. Executed quizzes and published practice quizzes and microlearnings will not be impacted (for now). We are thinking about a way to reset a published practice quiz to the draft state as this is already possible for future microlearnings, after which it could be edited manually or updated with this new functionality.