Search with tags (excluding question)

Search and selecting questions with tags is very helpful. At the moment, it is only possible to select a tag and all the questions with this tag are shown.
It would be helpful to have also the option to exclude all questions, which have a specific tag, i.e. list all questions except the ones which have a selected tag.
In best case, it would be possible to have both options at the same time, i.e. show all questions, which have tags A, B, C… and which do NOT have tags G, H, L…

Dear @HPEclic,

Thanks for the suggestion. We will probably be keeping the tagging mechanic relatively simple until our v3 release, as the question pool has often been a cause of confusion already, and as we want to simplify the experience. However, we will investigate this further after the full release and gathering additional user feedback (including yours).