Numerical question type with the right solution

Hi, I am a new user of Klicker. I would like to ask an estimation question. I therefore create a numerical question and I give a range to the audience, where it can choose a number. When evaluating this question, do I have the possibility to show the right solution (as I can with single and multiple choice questions)?

Dear @leubin, thanks for your interest in the KlickerUZH. Defining solutions for free text and numerical questions is sadly not (yet) possible. This feature ( will be implemented as part of the upcoming KlickerUZH v3.0 release for FS23. We will post more information on this soon (in KlickerUZH: Announcements).


Dear @leubin, as mentioned in my initial reply, we are currently working on the requested feature (solutions for numerical questions). To accommodate a range of use cases, we are implementing it with “solution ranges” as visualized in the new question editor:

If you are still interested in that feature, we would be very interested in whether you think that approach could fit your use case (and whether it seems intuitive to you). The solution ranges will be used to grade the responses of participants (when in the gamified setting) and to allow display of the solution on the evaluation (e.g., as ranges in the histogram).

With the release of KlickerUZH v3.0, numerical questions can have solution ranges, which can be used for grading as well as presented in the evaluation (on the histogram).