KlickerUZH v3.1: Group Activities

Dear KlickerUZH community,

we are thrilled to announce that group activities are now available to all KlickerUZH catalyst users and members of UZH! With group activities, KlickerUZH extends the range of offered asynchronous elements with a cooperative activity. While we quickly want to introduce the new concept here, you can check out the lecturer documentation for more information on how to create and grade group activities. The student documentation illustrates the student view of the group activity.

While most gamified activities are known to have a competitive character, group activities have been designed to promote collaboration in educational settings. As such, the lecturer / teacher designs a set of questions together with a set of so-called “hints”, which are required to be known to answer the questions correctly. After the students have formed groups, they can start the group activity, triggering an automatic distribution of the hints between all participants. Only by collaborating, all questions can be answered correctly, incentivizing active collaboration.

The screenshot above shows an example for a group activity with the hints equally distributed between the members of a group with two participants. After the answers to the questions have been entered, one member of each group can submit them. Once the grading procedure is completed (points awarded and optional feedbacks specified), the corresponding results are displayed in a similar view as shown in the student documentation.

For further extensions of the group activity, we are currently evaluating possibilities for automated grading (possibly including the use of AI for open questions / feedbacks) and / or random matchmaking for group creation in live settings. Do you have a use case for group activities or other ideas for further extensions? Feel free to leave your feedback and ideas below this post or on our public roadmap!

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