KlickerUZH v3.0: Microlearning and Practice Quizzes

This post is part of a series on our new KlickerUZH v3.0 concept. See KlickerUZH v3.0: Release Information for more information on the overall concept.

To make reviewing lecture contents more accessible and appealing to students, we have developed two new ways of interacting with KlickerUZH questions asynchronously: an integration for Learning Management Systems (LMS) like OLAT (KlickerUZH Practice Quizzes), and timed repetition sessions that are available directly from within the new KlickerUZH smartphone app (KlickerUZH Microlearning). The two formats complement each other in their length and availability, giving students the flexibility to alternate according to their needs.

Practice Quizzes

Practice quizzes are longer question sets which, e.g., focus on specific modules or topics. There is no limit to when and how often they can be completed, which makes them the ideal resource for students to track their learning progress. Practice quizzes integrate with the overall gamification approach of the KlickerUZH and can be customized in several ways, for example regarding the amount and frequency at which points can be collected. The questions within a set can be shown in sequence, shuffled, or in the order of the date of the last response.


Short microlearning units are designed to counter the effects of the ‘Forgetting Curve’, according to which our ability to retain information rapidly declines after twenty minutes. In an effort to increase motivation and engagement among students, such microlearning sessions consist of a short summary of critical contents and much fewer questions. To further incentivize the completion of microlearning sessions, they can be published for a limited time and at fixed points during the week, such as one day after the date of the lecture. Students can collect bonus points if they complete the question set within the selected timeframe. Microlearning sessions also integrate with the overall gamification approach of the KlickerUZH.


To make the asynchronous learning formats as easy as possible to access (also for students that would like to participate without a log-in), learning elements and microlearning sessions are accessible from within OLAT (with log-in), on a separate web page (with or without log-in), or directly through the KlickerUZH smartphone app (with log-in).