Import Questions JSON Klicker 3.0

is it possible to import questions in Klicker 3.0?
In Klicker 2.0 there was an import/export button which I could not find now.
Thanks a lot!

Dear @elg,

Thanks for the feedback. This functionality is still a work in progress, as we will be using the QTI standard instead of our own to ensure compatibility with Learning Management Systems. The functionality will be released during the fall term, a specific time has not yet been defined.

The functionality is being tracked here Questions - QTI 2.1 (Import / Export) | KlickerUZH. If you have any specific requirements for the functionality, feel free to leave us a comment there.

Hope that helps and best,

I think, being able to mass import and export is the most important feature to motivate people to add material. The functionality should not just support complex QTI data structures, but also very simple formats (e.g. for flashcards, e.g. a front text and a back text).
Everyone who once invested some time to build learning resources that in the end were stuck in a silo, or where mass import was not possible, will probably avoid creating content.