How to download live quiz results

When I conduct a quiz, sometimes it’s helpful not to screen-shot the outcome (for import as picture file in, say, a tex presentation), but to get the actual data (say, as a CSV file, or as an Excel file). How can I achieve this?
(I have looked for answers to this question here, but couldn’t find anything, sorry if I overlooked it.)

Hey @awagner,

Thanks for the feature request.

This was certainly an essential functionality in KlickerUZH v2.0 and a new implementation is already in progress as part of a larger project on learning analytics in KlickerUZH. The feature will become available again when we release these functionalities for everyone (planned for August to be in time for the fall semester). You will be able to download/export (and analyze) results for all activities that can be created within KlickerUZH.

If you have specific requirements for the export (beside format in, e.g., Excel/CSV), please let us know, and we will add it to the corresponding roadmap entry (Live Session - CSV Export [lost feature] | KlickerUZH).

Thanks again and have a good week.