First Use Cases and v1.7.0

Dear users of the KlickerUZH,

The fall semester of 2021 is nearing its conclusion. Throughout the semester, we have been working on our first two use cases supporting interaction in the classroom: Live Q&A and Real-Time Feedback. We are currently evaluating and extending these use cases, as well as commencing work on our next use cases (e.g., experiments in the classroom and more broad gamification topics).

All functionalities that were developed as part of the above use cases have been released in our December release, KlickerUZH v1.7.0. In addition to Live Q&A and Real-Time Feedback, v1.7.0 also includes initial work on usability and layout improvements throughout the KlickerUZH (e.g., to make the running session cockpit more responsive so it is usable on mobile devices). This work will continue in future releases, where we will focus on the question pool and session creation workflows.

Finally, our survey on interaction in the classroom is still collecting responses. We will publish the evaluation of the survey as part of a future project update. If you are a teacher and have not yet participated, we would very much like to invite you to participate here. It should not take you more than 10 minutes and would be a big help in shaping our future development and the planning of our P-8 project.