Export question pool

Dear KlickerUZH Team,
thank you for this great tool.
My students have asked me to provide them with the questions that are asked throughout the semester. Is there a possibility to export the whole pool of questions?
Best regards,

Dear @wjb,

There is currently no export suited for sharing directly with students. However, the new practice quiz activity in KlickerUZH v3.0 is designed for your use case, i.e., to allow students to review and practice content/questions outside of class (an example practice quiz can be found here).

The main requirement for the above is that the questions must have a solution defined, after which you can add them to a practice quiz in the new question pool and share the link with your students. You can find a detailed description of the practice quiz activity here.

In the future, we will also implement an export/import using the QTI standard within KlickerUZH v3.0, which will allow you to export questions from KlickerUZH and import them to, e.g., an OLAT test (and the other way around). We still suggest using the practice quiz, as this is integrated with the remaining activities within KlickerUZH, as well as with the KlickerUZH App.

Please let us know if you have any further questions or if your use case requires an alternative solution.

Roland Schläfli