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Hi, I am not sure if this is the correct place to ask my question.
I am brand-new to klicker and currenty looking for a way to extract the QR code before the day when starting the session. The goal is to include the QR code in a ppt, while starting the session & running the votes on a separate device.
Thanks for advice.

Hi @SHZsleep, you are in the right place! For now, you would have to export the QR code by starting a session, displaying the QR code, and using right-click and “Save Image” (or similar depending on your browser). Note that the QR code does not change between sessions (as long as you keep your shortname, SHZsleep), so you can reuse the same image, once you have it, in all of your sessions.

I have added a new feature request for your specific intent of having the QR code accessible even before a session is started → Export the QR code as a PNG file | KlickerUZH

Thanks for your input!