Sign-up for the KlickerUZH v3.0 UZH Beta

Interested in the UZH Beta Test?

If you are interested in testing the new KlickerUZH v3.0 Beta (see KlickerUZH v3.0: Concept and Request for Feedback) during the spring term 2023, please let us know using this sign-up form. The current beta test is restricted to users at the University of Zurich ( Kindly note that we will gradually on-board new users to the beta version and that we cannot guarantee admission.

Personal Onboarding

To support you on your journey toward a gamified course using the KlickerUZH, we offer a limited amount of personal onboarding sessions (e.g., through Zoom). If you are interested in a personal onboarding, please note your interest in the sign-up form.

We will reach out to you to schedule a personal session, in which we can discuss your use case, a potential gamified course concept, as well as your interest in specific functionalities. In the optimal case, we will be able to consolidate what we learn from your use case to further educate other teachers regarding the potentials of gamification in higher education.

Kindly note that our capacities are limited, and we might focus on use cases that aid the further development of the KlickerUZH and our ongoing Swissuniversities project (Development | KlickerUZH).

Stability of the Beta Release

While the KlickerUZH v3.0 Beta has been tested in a large-scale course at the Department of Banking and Finance (Banking and Finance I, ~700 students) and will be used in the follow-up course in the spring term (Banking and Finance II, we are unable to guarantee stability of the new functionality until the final release in September. We will, however, resolve issues as soon as possible and provide best-effort support through the beta forum (KlickerUZH: v3.0 Beta - KlickerUZH: Teaching Interaction).

We will be working on the v3.0 release throughout the spring term and will release updates regularly. You will be informed about relevant updates directly in the beta forum.