Overview of KlickerUZH v3.0

This post is part of a series on our new KlickerUZH v3.0 concept. See KlickerUZH v3.0 - Concept and Request for Feedback for more information on the overall concept.

The KlickerUZH v3.0 is a completely rebuilt audience interaction platform with new methods of interaction and improvements across all parts of the application. This post shortly summarizes our new ideas and concepts. If any of the specific topics are of interest to you, please provide us with feedback on what you would like to apply in your own lecture settings.

New Concepts and Functionalities

  • Gamified Live Quizzes: besides the traditional Live Quiz and Live Q&A/Real-Time Feedback, we now support gamified Live Quizzes that allow students to participate in a small live competition.
  • Asynchronous Learning Scenarios: in addition to the synchronous classroom interaction setting (I.e., the interactions during a live lecture), we now provide additional methods to interact with students outside of class:
    • Microlearning sessions allow students to practice a set of questions each week in a time-restricted manner (e.g., every Wednesday). These sessions are available on the new KlickerUZH smartphone application.
    • Learning Elements can be embedded directly in e-Learning courses and allow students to repeat learning contents on-the-go using our smartphone application. We are also looking into supporting methods like spaced repetition on these learning elements.
    • Group Activities allow students to collaborate on a set of questions and foster collaboration through distributed information. Each participant in a group receives only part of the clues necessary to answer a question, encouraging an exchange on the topic between participants.
  • Courses and Challenge: all the individual activities contribute toward a course-level “challenge” and leaderboard that lecturers can embed in their teaching (e.g., by awarding participants at specific points in time).
  • Analytics: at a later stage of the project, we will also introduce more advanced possibilities regarding the analysis of interactions and learning progress of participants.

The “Vanilla” KlickerUZH Experience

Besides all the above, it is still possible to create sessions without gamified interactions or linking them to a course. All the new functionalities and interaction modalities are optional. Students are still completely anonymous throughout their entire journey, as even with the LTI integration, no personal information is being tracked. Students in a course can choose whether their score should be tracked on a public leaderboard or whether they would like to audit the activities without participating in challenges and leaderboards.

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