Integrate images into the question

I try to integrate images in the question, however I found out that it is only possible via the upload function provided by the webside. The problem is the uploaded pic is not fully showed in the real session. It is only a small icon, man can only see the whole image by clicking it.
However, after clicking the icon to see the whole image, the background are dark. As the image is a part of the question I want to show it with question together in a true size of the image. Is there a way to do this?
Thank you in advance.

Dear @HPEclic,

Thanks for your feedback and creating a new feature request as well (Questions - Embed images in question contents | KlickerUZH). As you have seen, the current version of KlickerUZH treats images like attachments, and they cannot be embedded within the contents.

However, we are building this functionality (i.e., embedding images in the question content) in the new KlickerUZH v3.0, which will be tested in beta this spring semester (see Sign-up for the KlickerUZH v3.0 UZH Beta). Our first focus is embedding images within the question text, but I can also imagine allowing this within answer options (as we have the underlying technical framework within v3.0).

If you would be interested in and open to testing this feature (among others) and giving us feedback during the spring semester, please let me know. The beta test is focused on UZH (and the sign-up form is restricted with UZH log-in), but we very much welcome interested users from other universities as well (just let me know here).

Thanks and best,
Roland Schläfli

Dear Mr. Schäpfli,

thank you very much for integrating this feature - this is really appreciated!

We definitely would be interested in beta testing - for me the only question would be, how stable you think this beta versions will be?
We are currently setting up a larger course here at ETH Zurich with the Klicker tool, where we would like to use this - if there are smaller “hicups” (e.g. picture is not visible), that’s no problem, but if then the complete MC question is not working, that might be an issue. As an option, we could have a second separate account for the beta testing…

Best regards,

Juergen Biela

Dear Mr. Biela @HPEclic,

The features provided during the beta should be stable enough to use in large classes. We will be using most of the functionalities in our own second-semester course “Banking and Finance II” with 500 students (so at a relatively large scale) and have used almost everything with 700 students in the fall term. If there are issues, we will ensure to fix them quickly (also as we are “dogfooding” by using our own product). However, we cannot guarantee 100% stability, and you would surely have to test your interactions more thoroughly than on the stable platform. Also, there is no comprehensive documentation for the new KlickerUZH v3.0 (yet), but we are available for consultation and will provide personalized onboarding.

KlickerUZH v3.0 is hosted separately from the current instance, so it’s also an option to test it only in single “pilot” lectures or use cases, and to primarily use the more stable KlickerUZH v2.0. However, if you would like to use any of the more advanced new functionalities like the KlickerUZH app with microlearning or leaderboards/gamification (KlickerUZH v3.0: Concept and Request for Feedback - #2), it would make more sense to use KlickerUZH v3.0 for the majority of your interactions (as part of the course concept).

I will send you our beta information via email and all of the above could be discussed in our onboarding session (i.e., next week), should you decide to participate. We would be happy to have you on board, be it with one or two smaller test cases, or with all of your interactions. FYI: It is also possible to transfer questions you might already have created in the current KlickerUZH to the new beta platform, but only upon request and not yet in self-service.

Roland Schläfli

Dear @HPEclic,

SC and MC questions can now be displayed as a grid to allow for the following (especially useful when using images or short formulas in options):

Images in the question text (top part) can be viewed in full screen (by clicking on them). Everything in the answer options is currently scaled to fit the device and cannot be enlarged. I am thinking about how we could allow full-screen view for these as well, but as they are embedded in buttons to allow activating the options, this interaction is a bit more difficulty to design.

Make sure to select “Anzeige als Grid” (as shown below) if a question matches this use case. By default, choices will be shown as a list.

Does that more or less fit your primary use case of adding images to the question text (more often than to answer options, if I recall correctly)?

Roland Schläfli

Thank you for updating the function, that’s basically fine. I would be nice to add also a short text for each picture (kind of a caption).

The issue about the full-screen view:
" I am thinking about how we could allow full-screen view for these as well, but as they are embedded in buttons to allow activating the options, this interaction is a bit more difficulty to design."
is not so important for us, since the pictures are usually not that crowded and the correct one should be also be visible, if the picture is smaller.
Furthermore, I am usually also showing the question + answer via the beamer, so that people using a phone could then see the details on the projected slide.

Hi @HPEclic,

A caption that is shown in small text below the image (in question text, not answer options) can be added by adding text into the front part of the markdown image tag (e.g., ![CAPTION](IMAGELINK). The caption is also shown in the full-screen modal as a title. Also, you can still add text before and after the image within the editor.

The change including caption display will go live tomorrow.

…great - that’s exactly what we need.

Dear @HPEclic, We have reworked the image handling within content blocks, so that images can be used and enlarged (almost) everywhere. Images should not break the layout of pages anymore. This could possibly resolve your issue with wide (double) images as well, as they are no longer constrained in width (only height). The improvements will be deployed to production tomorrow. If you could test them for your use case and give us feedback, that would be great!

Dear @HPEclic,

The improvements as discussed within this thread have been published, among many other improvements as listed under You are welcome to test and give us feedback if anything is still missing.

Team KlickerUZH

We tested the new feature with the images and so far it works fine! Thank you very much!

The only small remaining issue, which could be improved, would be some control of the size of the picture. For example, a scaling factor could be an option: [caption]scaling_factor - where scaling factor could a number in the range between 0.1…2 and 1 would mean 100% size… or a similar solution.