2024-08-30: KlickerUZH - Introduction and Didactic Use Cases

We will be hosting an introductory course with an introduction to KlickerUZH on Friday, 30.08.2024 from 09:00 to 11:30.

The course will be held online on Zoom, lasts 2h30min, and is structured as follows:

  • Introduction: What does the KlickerUZH do and what is unique about it? What are the main didactic use cases?
  • Live Quiz and Live Q&A: Manage a gamified live quiz with questions and Live Q&A and participate from a student perspective.
  • Asynchronous Learning Activities: Get to know the asynchronous activities of KlickerUZH (Microlearning, Practice Quiz and Flashcards, Group Activities).
  • Further Topics, Tips & Tricks: Gamification Concept, Learning Analytics, Integration with OLAT, Integration of Results in Microsoft PowerPoint, Control Application, and more.

Our course is open for users at UZH, as well as for external users/lecturers. If you are affiliated with UZH, please register on https://zi-training.zi.uzh.ch/angebot/details/12750?angebotTitel=klickeruzh-introduction-and-didactic-use-cases. If you teach outside UZH and would like to participate, please register on Microsoft Forms.

For users at UZH, there will also be a keynote as part of the Teaching Inspiration Week, which will focus on the new functionalities we are working on (learning analytics and AI integration, among others). For further details, see the program of the Teaching Inspiration Week.

For more details and registration, see https://zi-training.zi.uzh.ch/angebot/details/12750?angebotTitel=klickeruzh-introduction-and-didactic-use-cases.

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Is it possible for non lecturers to take part in the course? We are from the central eventmanagement and we’d like to find out if the tool is suitable for virtual events. So if it is possible, one of our teammembers would like to attend the course.

Dear @u9rqzh, of course, anyone at UZH is welcome to attend the courses and can use the full feature set of KlickerUZH (I have adjusted the wording in our post a bit to reflect that). The course will in principle be tailored toward a lecture setting and go through all relevant features/concepts, but the content is also mostly viable for virtual events and the KlickerUZH is certainly suitable for a virtual setting.

We will also try to tailor the course to the audience as far as possible, so if you register through / KlickerUZH 3.0: Introduction and Didactic Use Cases - Universität Zürich, we can take that into account as well.

Thanks for your interest in KlickerUZH!

Many thanks to our participants for their interest, active participation, and very valuable feedback in our first two KlickerUZH courses! A course recording is available on request, just contact us here or via email.

Our next course including all new features will be held before the fall term (probably in August), and will include new developments in the areas of learning analytics and AI. Details will be announced separately.